KYE-YAC is a group of kids that believe all children deserve a chance to thrive!

Annually the all youth KYE-YAC board chooses children’s charities to support after in-depth research and numerous site visits. Since our inception in 2009, we have supported over 100 causes, contributing over $500,000 in charitable giving to youth in Arkansas and beyond.

Our goal is to contribute to a world in which youth everywhere collaborate to create a better tomorrow.

By modeling and teaching compassion, we strive to make philanthropy a lifelong practice for ourselves and other young people everywhere.

“Non nobis solum nati sumus.”

“Not for ourselves alone are we born.”


Nancy J. Macino

Nancy J. Masino


 How KYE-YAC International Came To Be And What Keeps Us Going



Nancy J. Masino, Kye’s Grandmother, captivated everyone who knew her with her kindness and love of family (Kye says she remains his inspiration). The sudden loss of Nancy at Christmastime, 2007, left a space no one can ever fill. Nancy Masino’s boundless heart, soaring spirit and unconditional support of Kye early in his life made a tremendous impact. Like a seed, His grandmother’s influence essentially formed the roots of KYE-YAC, (through Kye), allowing ideas, efforts, and inspiration to bloom today enabling a continuation of her lifetime gifts of love and giving.





















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