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?CAPELESS HERO WEEK? Highlighted Dr. Jane Goodall

KYE-YAC and the Garland County Library collaborated to teach young summer campers all about Dr. Jane, her discoveries, life work and her continued dedication to make a better world. [Show slideshow] 1 2 ►  

KYE-YAC Members Teach Youth How Dr. Goodall Discovered Chimps Use Tools!

Learning about Dr. Goodall’s groundbreaking discovery- that chimpanzees make and use tools for many purposes – was fun and fascinating to this young group of kids. They were able to simulate their own experience and pretend they were ?fishing? for

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KYE-YAC Helps Kids Pretend To Be Young Scientists

KYE-YAC and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots team had a great time mentoring local youth and teaching them about Dr. Jane Goodall and her life with chimpanzees. The kindergarten and first grade children had a blast making their own binoculars

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KYE-YAC’s Mentoring Program Has Fun With A Lesson Plan From Dr. Jane Goodall

While teaching young kids about Dr. Jane Goodall, her work with chimpanzees and actively working to instill an excitement for learning, we first explained to the kids about the chimps and how closely related they are to humans. This led

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KYE-YAC Shares Dr. Jane Goodall’s Message Of Empowering Youth By Mentoring Kids Throughout The Summer!

KYE-YAC and our Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots group have had a lot of fun this summer mentoring the great kids with the YMCA Summer Literacy and Mentoring Program! We guided them through STEM activities, ?reading and learning a lot

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KYE-YAC Tours The USS RAZORBACK And The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

Recently, KYE-YAC donated to the Arkansas Inland Museum to help save the Hoga! The USS Hoga, a tug boat that served during the Pearl Harbor attacks in World War II. KYE-YAC also wanted to help create more classroom space –

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