KYE-YAC Donation To Imagination Library

One of KYE-YAC’s goals is to improve early childhood literacy and when they met with the board of the Garland County Imagination Library, they were eager to join the growing effort to provide books to every child born in the area until they reach 5 years old and start school.


KYE-YAC donated $2,500 to provide high quality, age-appropriate books to 20 children until they begin Kindergarten. The children’s books will be specially delivered directly to their homes each month.


Terri Clark, Board Chairman for Garland County Imagination Library says, ?This substantial donation is a real encouragement for us.?


Kye and Peyton attended a meeting with the Imagination Library Board and instantly admired the work the work they were doing. They realized that this program not only fosters the love of reading but also serves as a vehicle to prevent poverty by improving test scores and learning capabilities.


?One of the most impressive facts we learned was how many states determine the need for future prison beds based on third grade reading skills. That shocked us,? remarked Kye, _?This program makes the eradication of illiteracy a priority, which helps everyone in the community.?



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