KYE-YAC Library Dedication At UAMS Division Of Genetics

KYE-YAC, International and the Division of Genetics at UAMS continue their exciting collaboration to help kids and families coping with genetic disorders.? Dr. Bradley Schaefer, Director of the Genetic Program, met with Kye and his board members to update them on the amazing progress they continue to make in such an innovative field. Last April, KYE-YAC donated $30,000 to create a library of resource materials on genetic disorders for patients and their families at UAMS and throughout the state.? The books have met a great need for many family members seeking answers and the demand for them has grown.? Mr. Chasse Conque, UAMS Director of Development, says that books are continuously being reordered to keep the shelves stocked for the patients and their families.

Dr. Schaefer notes, ?KYE-YAC’s gift to establish the library has been the positive factor that we predicted it would. Families are directly benefitting from this. They are so grateful.? ‘so again, I want to just say thanks for establishing the KYE-YAC library here at UAMS / Arkansas Childrens Hospitals. It is having a very real and important impact on the families we see here in genetics.? said Dr. Schaefer.

After their meeting at the library, the KYE-YAC board, Dr. Schaefer and Mr. Conque traveled to the UAMS KIDS FIRST Facility in Little Rock.? Kye and Sarah read several interactive books to the children and afterwards gave each child their very own book to take home. UAMS KIDS FIRST program is a pediatric day health care program for kids with special needs.? It was indeed a special day for the KIDS FIRST kids as well as the KYE-YAC kids — one they won’t soon forget.? It was difficult to leave as everyone was having so much fun playing and reading together.? Projects like this are precisely what KYE-YAC enjoys the most, not only giving resources but also giving of the heart and soul. Please click on the link below to read the related article on the UAMS website: http://www.uamshealth.com/news/?id=5350&sid=1&nid=10223&cid=5 ?


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