Kye Masino / KYE-YAC International Library Dedication At UAMS

Dr. Bradley Schaefer, Director of the Division of Genetics at the UAMS College of Medicine introduced Kye as the youngest donor in the history of UAMS at the unveiling of the KYE-YAC International Family Resource Library.? Kye, founder and president of the organization, KYE-YAC,? donated $30,000 to create a library of resource materials for families and loved ones who are living with genetic disorders.

Kye felt fortunate to spend most of a day last summer with Dr. Shaefer, “It was a life changing day, I fully realized that the field of genetics is truly changing the way we view disease and receive medical care.? There was no question that my board and I should somehow be a part of this innovative work.”

Kye and Dr. Schaefer discussed many options of support and agreed that the library would meet a need most families experience – the need to better understand a patient’s genetic disorder and how to cope with it- both for the patient and the family.

“We’re incredibly grateful,” said Dr. Schaefer, “A gift like this allows us to put these resources into the hands of people who might not have had them available.”? “This is a long-term committment,” says Kye, “KYE-YAC will contiue to support the library in perpetuity.”

KYE-YAC has stocked the library full of books and DVDs in English and Spanish.? The materials are given to patients and families at the center and around the state.



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