KYE-YAC Believes Kids And Pets Can Enhance Each Other’s Lives

KYE-YAC, International’s board recently donated $500 to the Humane Society of Garland County.? The KYE-YAC board members feel strongly that a bond between a child and a pet can be a very important part of growing up.? As pet owners themselves, each board member really believes it is a true win-win situation.? Many animals need homes and love and there is scientific proof that animals comfort children!? Pets can offer unconditional love – which many children need and benefit from.? KYE-YAC believes in the mission of the Humane Society as they assist abused and abandoned pets and take care of them until they are hopefully adopted.? Kye spoke at the “Evening Out” Spring Gala that helped raise money to take care of these neglected animals in our community.? He stressed the importance of humane education of animals to kids – to plant the seeds of nurturing and kindness at a young age.

Kye said, “My pets are part of my family.? We feel kids learn a sense of acceptance, love and loyalty from a pet that can last a lifetime.”

If you would like more information on how you can save an animal’s life in our community, please go to:? www.hsgconline.org



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