KYE-YAC International Is The 2012 Presenting Sponsor For First Step’s Walk For Children

Recently the full KYE-YAC Board made a site visit to First Step.? An organization that improves the quality of life in our community by helping families faced with the challenges of having children with developmental disabilities.

?Our board members were very impressed with how everyone we met at First Step was so committed and passionate about the work they are doing with the children and their families.? Says Kye Masino, President of KYE-YAC ‘seeing it first-hand really gave us an idea of how happy the kids are to be there and how fortunate we are as a greater family to have such a meaningful and pioneering organization in our community.?

First Step’s largest program is with pre-school children.? The staff works in many areas to get the kids prepared for public school.? They also have a large group of kids who are not able to attend public school.? Through this program, these kids have access to occupational therapy, speech therapy and social and sensory skill therapy.

?The sensory room was one of my favorite rooms,? say Peyton Rudisill, Vice President of KYE-YAC, ?It seems like a chance for kids to forget about daily life and just have fun.?

KYE-YAC was so impressed with First Step, its staff, and with how engaged and happy the children seemed at the center, that they voted unanimously to donate $2500 toward the 2012 Walk for Children and they are now the event’s Presenting Sponsor.

The 2012 Walk For Children proceeds will benefit the First Step Foundation, which is the fundraising arm for First Step, Inc.? The proceeds from the fundraiser will allow First Step to continue the great work they are doing in our community and beyond for almost 2,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities.

We hope you join us in supporting the 2012 Walk!? For more information please visit:? www.Firststeparkansas.com



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